Applying to Our Program

We seek the best fit between our applicants and our training program.  Applicants should have an interest and background in psychological evaluation and psychotherapy, and interest in advancing competencies in providing hospital-based services to patients with a myriad of mental health issues.  Our eligibility requirements are:

  • Master’s Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology or a related Behavioral Science.
  • All Doctoral degree requirements met by August 31, 2020; must be in good academic standing.
  • Completion of APA-accredited Ph.D. or Psy.D. program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology
  • Completion of APA-accredited internship

Both the doctoral program and the internship program must be APA-accredited at the time of application.  Applicants must be US citizens or have the legal right to work in the United States; we do not sponsor Visas.


Recruitment for our Traditional Clinical Psychology Program (1 year program) began November 8, 2019 and remains open.  Interviews and offers are on a rolling basis.

 Applicants for our Neuropsychology fellowship (2 year program) are required to participate in the APPCN match process.

To formally apply to our programs, you are required to use our online application (link below).   Be prepared to respond to questions regarding clinical experiences, clinical orientation, therapy experience, testing experience, assessment techniques, etc.  (Please use the following browsers:  Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.)

All online applications are to include these documents (uploaded within the application):

  • Current CV
  • Unofficial transcripts from all graduate programs (must indicate when qualifying Master’s Degree was obtained)

The following  documents are also required  and are to be emailed by your stated references directly to our Psychology Training Administrator,

  • Psychology Division Verification of Doctorate from your Program Director or Director of Clinical Training.   Please download this form and provide to the appropriate person for completion.
  • Letter of Recommendation from your Pre-Doctoral Internship Director
  • Letter of Recommendation from your Clinical Supervisor

An additional letter of recommendation from a clinical supervisor may also be sent, but is not required.

The Neuropsychology program requires the above information and these additional documents:

  • A brief letter of intent
  • A list of formal and informal neuropsychology-related coursework (course title, grade, location)
  • One de-identified neuropsychological assessment report
  • APPCN Doctorate Verification Form

Please compile the Neuropsychology documents noted above into one PDF file to upload.

Fellowship Application

Applications to our Traditional Clinical Psychology Program will be reviewed for eligibility when all required materials are received.  After review, in -person interviews are extended to select candidates.

As stated previously, the selection process for the Neuropsychology fellowship  is through the APPCN match process.  The applicants will be notified according to those policies and procedures.

Questions regarding the fellowship program should be directed to Rose Leilua, Psychology Training Administrator,, (424) 306-5737.  Please contact Ms. Leilua immediately via email should you encounter difficulties with the online application.