Pediatric/Child Assessment

Lauren Maltby, Ph.D., ABPP                                                                          

Track Supervisor

Nature of Setting and Population Served

The extern selected for this track will participate in two clinics in the Department of Pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  The SAFE Families (Securing Attachment For Emerging Families, formerly “ISAM”) clinic is a primary care, outpatient clinic where we provide ongoing medical care to pre-, peri-, and post-natal infants and children with documented prenatal substance exposure.  These children present with a variety of placements, including biological, foster and adoptive parents.  Although the majority of our patients are infants and young children, we do follow some high risk patients long-term.  The KIDS (Kids in Dependency Systems) clinic is another primary care program within the Department of Pediatrics where we provide initial medical evaluations for newly-detained children and ongoing medical care for children in the foster-care system.  Between both clinics, ages of children tested will range from 0-18, with a heavy emphasis on infancy and early childhood.  In both clinics, externs will work closely with medical providers.

Direct and Indirect Services

Psychological Assessment:  The extern will have the opportunity to administer, score and write test reports for 6-10 comprehensive batteries of psychological tests for pre-school and school-aged children/youth.  Additionally, the extern will be trained in the Bayley Scales of Infant Development, and will complete approximately 7-9 comprehensive batteries for infants and toddlers.  Specialized experience in identifying Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders will be provided through participation in SAFE Families and through Bayley administrations.

Comprehensive batteries for children and adolescents may include cognitive (WPPSI, WISC, KABC, WJ-COG), academic (WIAT, WRAT, WJ-A), linguistic (EOWPVT, ROWPVT, PPVT), socio-emotional (CBCL, BASC, Conners, TSCYC, TSCC, UCLA-PTSD, BDI, BAI), and neuropsychological testing (NEPSY-II, CPT-II, CVLT-C, CTMT). There is the possibility of performance validity testing (PVT) with older children as well.

Consultation & Liaison:  The extern will provide mental health assessment and behavioral consultation for infants and their caregivers in the SAFE Families clinic.


Applicants most suited to this track will:

  • have previous experience with early childhood
  • have previous assessment/psychoeducational experience
  • have strong writing skills
  • be able to work independently

Supervision and Training

Dr. Maltby is a board-certified child and adolescent psychologist, and an infant-parent and early-childhood mental health specialist (California Endorsement), and will provide direct training and supervision to externs.  All supervision will be individual; Bayley test administration and interventions in SAFE Families will be supervised live.  Didactics will be provided on topics of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the child welfare system, prenatal development, labor & delivery, and test administration. As part of the didactic experience, there will be monthly assigned reading focusing primarily on neurocognitive and social-emotional outcomes for infants with various types of prenatal exposures. Students are welcome to participate in other didactic experiences available on campus (e.g., grand rounds, neuropsychology seminar) as their schedules allow.

Also, participation in this track will include significant exposure to issues of child abuse and neglect/trauma.  Supervision will include coaching towards self-care/sustainable practice, but applicants are encouraged to consider their suitability for this track with this information in mind.