Child & Adolescent CBT


Claudia Avina, Ph.D.                                                                                                 Track Supervisor

Nature of Setting and Population Served

This clinic provides training in evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral treatments for adolescents (ages 5-18).  Modalities primarily include individual and group therapy.

Direct/Indirect Services

This practicum focuses on evidence-based treatments for children and teenagers with suicidal and self-harm behaviors, severe emotion dysregulation, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.  Treatments emphasize CBT approaches for depression and anxiety disorders in youth ages 5-18.  Practicum experiences also address the high degree of co-morbidity of disorders typically seen in these youth, as well as adapting treatment approaches for use with community populations.  Externs typically carry a caseload of 4-6 individual patients.  They also conduct clinic screenings, assessments, and intakes.

Supervision and Training

Trainees will receive one hour per week of individual supervision. Primary supervision is provided by licensed clinical psychologists or postdoctoral fellows.  The extern must attend a mandatory day-long training in DBT at the beginning of the year.  Opportunities for other seminars and courses are available.

Required Days

Externs are required to be on-site Mondays and Thursdays, for 8 hours each day.  Externs may also be required to complete readings, presentations, reports, and notes outside of externship hours.

Additional information

Students applying for this position should have had previous psychotherapy experience.  Completion of a course and/or experience in CBT is preferable.